Saul Levman (Contra-Bass), 1890-1936

Presented here is the marvelous music memorabilia of Saul Levman (1890-1936). Anyone interested in classical music and Jewish history will find a treasure. The following biography is taken from The Russian Artists in America Almanac, Vol. 1, 1932, pg 117:

Saul Levman was born in 1890, in the City of Vitebsk, which is located in the Western Part of Russia.

After having completed an educational course in the local Gymnasia (High School), he started to take up the study of Pharmacy. His propensity for music, however, got the best of it and his talent being duly recognized, he entered in the St. Peterburg Royal Conservatory in the Contra-Bass class of Professor Bech. This was in 1909. In 1913, after the completion, cum laude his course of musical education in the Royal Conservatory, he was perfectly qualified to join the famous Koussevitsky Orchestra in Moscow, where he frequently appeared as solo-artist, and with considerable success too. He also gave a number of brilliant recitals.

1918 Mr. Levman was appointed Professor of Contra-Bass and Theory of Music in the Conservatory of Vitebsk. But the Revolutionary Regime forced the young professor to quit the country at very brief notice, and thus he landed on the friendly shores of the United States.

Since 1924 Mr. Levman has become a fellow member of the Damrosch Orchestra as well as of the New York Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra.